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Quick mission to the Pleasanton Fly Fishing show yesterday to hang with the crew @mattheronflyfishing , @socallies23 and @scottflyrods . Thanks for letting me man the booth and help out !It’s been a minute since I’ve seen so many of my good friends in this small industry. @casthope delivered another amazing event to help get kids involved and exposed to the outdoors. If you haven’t checked out what these guys are doing for our youth, you need too ASAP!!!Super proud to be involved with these guys and their mission ...Rare to get this many talented people in the same venue . Shout out too @chadalderson @danlecountflyfishing @driftonthefly @chriskingflyfishing @samsedilloflyfishing @johngsherman @rjsflytrips @hgbflyfishing @meatmarketflies @lcoflyfishing @herwatersflyfishing @mikowier @chuckragan @norcalflyguy #flyfishing #scottflyrods #takeakidfishing #solidcrew #booksoon #gonnabeanepicsummer #plentyofwater