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As we slide into the busy holiday weekend the fishing on the east slope of the Sierras remains quite good.  We have quite a few options from freestone rivers, private water, tail waters as well as a few lakes.  The flows are stable and the fish are eating on most days pretty well.  Now that the summer heat has kicked in we are trying to key in on early mornings as well as evenings.  During the heat of the afternoon is a great time to grab some lunch and a siesta.  The bite slows quite a bit and the weather has been down right hot!  We are catching fish in every way from dries, streamers and of course nymphs with and with out a bobber.  As we watch our summer temps climb we will also see water temps do the same.  So lets think a little more about our finned friends and make sure to treat them nice and make sure they get to swim another day.  Keep em wet and have fun!