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In the summer time up here in the Sierras we are up early in the morning and out late in the evenings.  This time of year fish can be had damn near any way you desire.  Although, that being said it is still fishing.  Lately dry droppers have been a fun way to target fish in different types of water.  Big bugs are out.  The hoppers are out now and they make for a great top fly to hold up that bottom bug.  But some days its nice to take in the scenery and enjoy the beautiful areas we live and visit.  So put the bobbers and dry flies away and toss on a streamer, bugger or even a soft hackle.  Swing away and take in the scenery.  It’s a really special time of year up here.  The grass is a nice vibrant green, the wild flowers are blooming and the fish are often out to play.