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Wide open grass meadows riddled with wildflowers parallel this beautiful alpine mountain stream.  The serenity and peace and quiet of such a place will stop you in your tracks to gaze upon the jagged mountains and vast open space.  The private setting of the property takes away the pushy feeling of other busier nearby waters.  Out here there is no worry of seeing another soul for the day.  Can you imagine what time was like over a hundred years ago?  Well, that’s what it feels like out here.  The birds chirping, the sound of the stream flowing through bright green meadows, the splash of a large rainbow slamming a bank side hopper. The crystal clear waters make for some very pleasing sight fishing with a view.  Serenity at it’s finest.



Pleasant Valley opens 6-7-18.  Located in Markleeville, CA.  Just a quick jaunt from South Lake Tahoe.  We at Alpine Fly Fishing look forward to showing you guys and gals another great season out at the Ranch.