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Fly fishing in the Sierras has been awfully wet this spring so far.  But the fish are loving it and the water is welcomed after our odd winter.  The flows remain quite high in a lot of water sheds but nothing like we saw last year.  But as we slide into the holiday weekend the storms look to be pushing out and we should have some nice sunny mild spring weather in the weeks ahead.  And boy what a difference a couple seasons of non-drought does for our fisheries.  We are seeing a good number of fish in the 10-16″ range.  These fish are most of what we had been missing in our waters.  The sign of a healthy river is fish in all size classes and that is a bit more of what we have been seeing lately.  So don’t wait for the heat of summer to get out, now is time!  The lack of huge crowds and hot summer days are what spring is all about.  Come on up and enjoy some spring weather with us.  After all, you can’t catch them from the couch.