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It sure is a great time to be out in the Sierras with all of the abundant sunshine, high water and fat and happy fish!  Who would have thought that fish like water?  We are noticing a decent amount of nice fish after having a couple substantial water years.  Very cool to see how quickly our healthy rivers are bouncing back from a drought.

The fish are quite spread out now.  We are finding them in the faster water  as well as the slower water, pocket water and deep pools.  So make sure you really pick the water apart.  This time of year we have a wide variety of bug life around on all of our waters.  Stones, worms, crayfish, caddis, midges etc.  The fish have a lot of options.

The tail waters are often a great place to look to escape the often rise and yo-yo of the freestone rivers we are seeing this time of year. Those tail waters are finally seeing some excellent spring flows as well now that we have some water.  And what about those fish?  Fat and happy!  So get out and go explore some water, rather than doing some of that spring cleaning all weekend.  After all, you never know what you might find during this high water.