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As we slide into spring we are having some pretty good pre run off fishing.  We are having some good days on the river and some great days as well.  The high water has proven to really benefit the fish.  After all, fish like water.  With the abundance of bugs on the menu the fish are able to sit in the slack water in the high flows and gorge themselves throughout the day.  Stones continue to be a big part of the daily menu for the trout right now as well as a slew of other items on the plate.  They aren’t quite in the pocket water yet.  Think slower water still.  High sticking edges and really picking apart those slow seams.

Don’t wait until summer to get out.  Now is great fishing and nice mild weather.  As we slide into summer and the temperatures warm up we are gonna see some of our rivers rise a bit.  This pre run off fishing is a great time to get out and beat the crowds and warmer weather.  The fish aren’t waiting for summer.  Neither should you.  It’s on!