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Some often get discouraged by winter weather events such as snow, rain or even a spike in flows.  We all know fish like water, so why would we put off fishing in the weather?  Don’t let a little cold or rain deter your need to wet a fly.  The recent rain and snow event caused all of our local waters to get a nice little spike in flows.  This extra shot of water is just what we need!  This does not put off the fish by any means.  Better yet, the opposite.  As these flows rise and start to fall the rivers really come to life!  The off colored water often gives the fish a little cover and allows them not to be seen so easily.  It also kicks up a lot of food for the fish.  They can sit and hang in the slower water, eat and get fat.  Last year was a great example of high water and fat and happy fish.  So the next time you see your favorite piece of water spike and begin to fall go get after it!  Don’t sit around and wait for them to clear up.  Use a little bit of that color to your advantage.  Because no time is a better time to go fishing than now.