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It’s crazy to think one can fish in a T shirt in February!  Rather than bitch and moan one may as well get on out and enjoy it.  The high pressure system has slid right back in and pushed out any chance of weather for the current future forecast as of now.  That means warm weather and grabby fish!  The water is still cold but not nearly as cold as a typical Sierra winter.  Fish are a bit more apt to move for a fly and you may even encounter some chases on those cloudy days.  Blue wing olive’s are pattern to keep stocked in the box this time of year for those cloudy days and chances of noses poking up in the bubble line.  We have had some great days out on the water as well as some tough ones.  They can’t all be spectacular but with this weather it seems the majority have been quite swell.  This winter has made for some great exploring weather.  Warm and sunny with some grabby fish.  I don’t think it gets much better than that.