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Some of us have been waiting some time for winter fishing to finally start.  Well the cold has set in, we have some snow on the ground, and our spring conditions are hopefully a thing of the past for a bit.  With all of that generally comes a quieter day on the river as far as crowds go.  The waters have been quite busy in a lot of the normal quick jaunts from home as of late due to the excellent fishing and spring weather we have been having.

Today we got a bit off the beaten path and explored some areas we had not seen before.  With the recent cold front pushing in it has moved the fish back into their winter slots.  That nice slow walking pace water right towards the tail outs often held the active ones for the day.  The almost froggy, nice and foamy bubble line was the water to look for.  We covered a bit of ground looking for fish, or better yet slower water.  But once we found the right speed and depth the fish were there.  Fishing something new isn’t always easy.  But it can often be the most rewarding or even exciting.  So get up off the couch and come explore the Sierras.