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Winter is here whether you like it or not.  The high pressure system we have been stuck in lately has really dropped our low temps in the evening and early morning.  With these single digit temps we are seeing that not so friendly anchor ice forming on all of our local waters up in the mountains.  Therefore, one needs to choose where to fish accordingly.  One thing that comes to mind when I think winter fishing is consistent water temperatures.  Most of our freestone waters are freezing up on the edges or some rivers or creeks are freezing up entirely.  But how about our tail waters in the area?  These pieces of water below dams provide some of the most consistent water temperatures year round thus providing an ideal situation for the fish, as well as us winter fishermen.  In the dead of a cold winter tail waters may often be the only piece of water free of ice.  But how does one tackle these pieces of water in the winter?  Not from home that’s for sure.  So get up off the couch and give us a ring.  We are always fishing somewhere and would love to show you around!