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Not much has changed up here in the Sierras.  A few cold nights but our day time temps are warming up a tad making for some great midge hatches in the afternoon.  No hurry to get out of the house in those frigid temps.  In the wintertime we are able to sleep in a bit and let the fish and the bugs wake up.  We are seeing less ice on the river banks but we are still seeing the ice on those guides some mornings.  Fish are eating the normal small winter stuff.  Think small, zebra midges, baetis, wd-40’s, worms and so on.  Find the slow water and you should find some fish.  And where there is one there should be more.  Fish aren’t so spread out in the winter time.  They like the big slow deeper pools that should be a tad warmer than the fast water.  So take a day off the slopes and come join us for a day out on the water.